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Vie privée


The Internet user shall register on the website when he shall fill the order voucher for the welcome offer.
The Website shall attach particular attention to the respect of private life and the protection of Users' personal data.
It shall take all the necessary precautions in order to preserve the security of information communicated by Users and particularly prevent them from being communicated to non-authorized third parties.

Personal data


The Website shall collect personal information communicated by the User who has filled an attached request form on the Website or a page for a free or paying product.
This information shall include the user’s name, surname, postal and/or electronic address, fixed and/or mobile telephone number and the date of birth.

Communication to third parties

The Website shall communicate this information to commercial partners only if the Internet user had consented by ticking the box provided for that.

To unsubscribe from partners' offers, the User shall use the links to cancel one's current subscription in the mails of the Website’s partners.

Access rights and modification procedure.

The User shall have the right to access, modify or oppose any processing of data concerning them. In order to enjoy these rights, the user shall contact the Website on the following address: [email protected]

Non personal data

Some non-personal information can be collected punctually by Google Analytics for statistical purposes: like the User's browsing version (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.), the kind of operating system used (Windows 98, Mac Os, etc.) and the IP address of the computer used.

The Website shall not preserve this data.

Browsing the Website shall generate cookies automatically. These cookies shall be destined to stock information to identify the User during visits on the Website in order to avoid typing them manually at every visit.

The User shall however have the possibility to prevent the use of cookies by modifying the options of their browsing software on the Internet.

Cancellation of subscription

If the User no longer desires to receive mails from the Website, he shall request it by following the links for cancellation of subscription present in all the mails sent by the Website or by writing to the following address: [email protected]

The Company draws the User's attention on the fact that cancellation of subscription deactivates all the links present in the mails they would have received from the Website. The User shall no longer have access to products supplied by this means if they have not saved them on their computer.

General conditions
Private Life