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Temoignage à Laetizia

"Dear Laetizia, thank you once more for your help and for all the work you have done for me. I printed the Seal that you sent to me and thank you heartily for this wonderful gift. Your help has really changed everything for me"

Abbey B. - Chester

"Laetizia, the reading you sent me spoke to me a lot: it is a true revelation and I don't know how you managed to discover so many things about me! Thanks to you, I now know which important decision I must take; you took away an immense weight. Thank you, thank you..."

Aaron M. - York

"... and I still want to express all the respect I have for your work and your commitment towards all those who really need you. I hope that you will offer many people as much success and luck as you offered me!"

Oded R. – Bangor

"When I read my Great Study, I had flashes: it was as if I were living my past once more while I was reading. I had never had such an experience; it was crazy!"

Addy L. - Newry

"Dear Laetizia, your Gift is really uncommon: you were right about everything you announced concerning our future and today, our financial worries are really over! It feels good to know that all our loved ones are sheltered in this domain..."

Peter and Shona K. - Ely

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