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After a few sessions, many consultants ask me to tell them my story. They want to know how I found out that I had THE GIFT and how I decided to use it to offer help all around me.
Of course, I don't like talking about it because it touches very intimate and intense sensations.

If you are sure that you want to know more about it, if you are not very impressionable, then here:

“I used to live in Italy, in the mountains; in the heart of a small Mediterranean Island. I had no parents and my grandmother was my whole family. It was a longtime ago; but at that time, tourists used to discover sunny places; more wild and beautiful.
One day, while I was just 9 years old, a young British lady came right to the village. She was trying to find her way and I offered to accompany her. She gave me her hand quite naturally.
That is when it happened...

Everything turned around at the moment when I was sliding my hand into hers. My heart started trembling violently; the landscape around us started trembling as if it were being wiped. I had the impression that my heart was beating at the rhythm of this young woman, as if we were just one and only one person. It was very frightening for a little girl.
My eyes were plunged into hers fixedly.
Suddenly, while I had not moved a centimeter, I found myself like projected into a house that I didn't know. Understand me well, I was absolutely not dreaming. Everything was real all around me: the air I was breathing, the unknown scents I was smelling and even the woolen carpet under my feet...

The young woman was seated in this room all dressed in black and weeping.
A man was stretched on a bed next to her.
I don't know how but I knew that it was her father. An immense sadness invaded me as if I were the one who has lost a dear person.
Deep within me, I also knew that it was not a memory.

It was the future.
I was seeing something that was GOING to happen.

Suddenly, I let go of her hand. Like "aspirated" by a great breath of air, I found myself in the present under the sun. It was as if I had come back from a "strange" journey in space and time.
That is exactly how my first vision happened; my first divination flash, totally spontaneous. That is exactly how my first vision happened; my first divination flash, totally spontaneous.
All of that was rather strange and disturbing for the little girl that I was. Back home, I confided in my grandmother.

That is when I discovered the whole truth.

Both her, her mother, and also her grandmother had the Gift. It is a secret that is revealed in our family only to the one who also receives the Gift, on the day it manifests...

All these women used it for good purposes, developing their powers with passing years on such a preserved island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

You can guess the rest: my grandmother cared for my Gift, she thought me how to control it, use it and to personally trigger my visions.

That is the most difficult because my mediumistic powers are even more intense that those of my grandparents: A great medium should not let themselves assailed, they should remain in control.

Unlike previous generations, once I turned 20 years old, I decided to visit the great mystical places of the United Kingdom.

There, I met the Great Magi one after another who took me under their wings, trained me in all the knowledge and techniques of clairvoyance and finally welcomed me in the Circle of White Occult Power.

I finally came back to my island where I dwell most often except when someone really needs a particular consultation or that our Magi circle gathers.”

Here is my first secret:

I draw a great deal of my Psychological Force from my telluric relationship with the soil where I was born.

It is loaded with powers dated from periods that are more ancient that Antiquity. Periods when a more sensitive form of magic that what we have today impregnated all things.

My second secret as a Seer:

Those who like me possess a Gift of great power are down here on earth to serve others. Every Great Magi learns that during their training.

I decided a long time ago (I am no more all yellow) to consecrate my life to those who need it to guide them and reveal them the signs of Destiny that I see for them.

I also try to show them how their Luck can be worked every day: Invisible forces draw lines of life for each one of us. On our side, we need to seize these opportunities on time and make the right choices.

This can be very easy with the help of a real medium, if we really listen.

How do you think that those who succeed and have incredibly rich and happy lives achieve it? Most of them have received this occult help.

A truth that might surprise you.

I have acquired great science in occultism, the most ancient and secret knowledge. It is true.

Yet, I don't know everything on the mystery that causes my visions to come: why I am "contacted" by Invisible Forces to warn and accompany this or that person in an urgent way. Why I am chosen as privileged link between my consultant and astral forces.

When I see, when I sense that there is an emergency for someone, I accept my visions and do that for which I am here.

I never forget this phrase from my grandmother: "If you need things to be explained to you to understand, it means that no explanation will ever enable you understand".

Therefore, I put my knowledge and Gift at work always hoping to give the best.

My Consultants' letters and emails telling me of all the very happy changes that my interventions have triggered in their lives are my most beautiful reward.

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