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Conditions générales

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These General Conditions specify the modalities for the right to access the services of the website. They are not in contradiction to the various present and future regulations and directives of the English law on consumption.

These General Conditions establish relationships between the client hereinafter referred to as "the Consultant" and the company commercializing offers connected to the website , hereinafter referred to as "the Website".

Preamble: Conditions of using the Website by Internet users.

The Consultant who connects to the Website and orders free or paying services shall be an individual of legal majority in his resident country.

The simple fact of connecting to the Website shall constitute an acceptance by the Consultant of all the general conditions of use and sale.

These general conditions of using the Website can be modified at any moment without prior notice. It is therefore advised to regularly refer to the most recent version of general conditions of sale on the Website.

1. Seer’s moral and professional commitment

The Website and the mails associated to it offer products, texts and studies in the domain of clairvoyance and the esotericism.

Clairvoyance is not subject to a particular professional regulation. No official diploma is issued for the training or competence of the medium.

However, the person officiating as seer called Laetizia commits herself to respect a moral and professional charter whose main rules constitute the "General Conditions for Consultation.

2. Personal data

Personal data and information transmitted to the Website by the consultant for a requested service to be provided shall be strictly personal and confidential and shall under no circumstances be transmitted to any third party.

The Website can preserve the personal data of a Consultant who has filled an attached request form on the Website or on a page be it for a free or paying product.

The Website shall communicate this information to commercial partners only if the Internet user has consented by ticking the box provided for that.

To unsubscribe from partners' offers, the User shall use the links to unsubscribe found in the mails of the Website’s partners.

3. Health, legality

Texts provided by the Website and contents associated to it shall under no circumstances be assimilated to advice issued by known and regulated professions like legal, medical or psychological counselors.

If the Consultant were suffering from an illness or encounters any particular problems (especially juridical or legal), they shall consult professionals adapted to his case as soon as possible.

The Website absolutely prohibits the handling of any problem or answering of any question that could concern the physical or mental health submitted by the Consultant.

The Website commits itself never to transmit advice to the Consultant that could incite to break the law or cause harm to any third party.

4. Products offered on the Website and in emails

The Website and emails associated to it commercialize paying products in the domain of clairvoyance, divination, astrology, the interpretation of tarots, figures of luck and personal development.

These products shall be in the form of e-books, audio or audio-visual tapes, texts, illustrations and various objects connected to occultism. These products shall be available on the Website's shop or offered by emails.

Within the framework of its welcome offer, the Website freely offers a free clairvoyance to every new subscriber.

The Website doesn't commit itself to ensure that the events mentioned on the Website or in associated mails happen.

5. Technical conditions to supply readings and illustrations without physical support media

Free or paying ordered texts and illustrations without physical support media shall be forwarded by electronic channels such as emails or down loadable files.

The Website is not responsible for blockages that could provoke difficulties in the delivery of these texts or illustrations such as anti-spam filters or anti-virus filters.

The Consultant shall verify the setting of his computer and register the sender address: "[email protected]" in his list of accepted contacts.

6. Cancellation of subscription

If the Consultant no longer desires to receive mails from the Website, he can request it by following the links for cancellation of subscription present in all the mails sent by the Website.
The Website draws the Consultant’s attention on the fact that cancellation of subscription shall deactivate all the links present in the mails he would have received from the Website prior to that. The Consultant shall no longer have access to products supplied by this means if he did not save them on his computer.

7. Payment and reimbursement

Payment shall be made by bank card or by digital payment on line. On line payment shall be made via secured banking channels.

If the Consultant's credit card is rejected, the Website reserves the right to represent it within the deadline and as many times as the laws and regulations in force enable it to.

The Website shall reserve the right to add, delete, suspend and temporally or permanently replace payment systems in the goal of optimizing the quality of services and without prior notice.

The Website shall reserve the right to change the prices of offers without prior notice.

The price of every paying article shall be clearly indicated to the Consultant in commercial documents. This price shall be clearly indicated on the Internet page where he shall settle his purchase.

Texts, illustrations and intangible products ordered shall be accessible only after payment by the Internet user and validation of payment by Website.

In case the Consultant is not satisfied within 3 months following the purchase, the Website commits itself to reimburse the amount paid by the Consultant without condition and within the shortest possible time upon a simple request from him sent to the following address: [email protected] If the request for reimbursement is made after 3 months, the later shall not be processed.

8. Guarantees

The Website shall not be responsible for the duration, maintenance of accessibility or the deletion of ordered contents.

The Website shall not be responsible in case of the Consultant's failure to register the order.

The Website shall be free from all liability concerning problems that could come up during secured transactions. This liability shall be on the various organizations that provide services.

9. Availability of products

As concerns intangible products, the Website commits itself to set up all the reasonable technical solutions to enable permanent accessibility to the Website, texts as well as illustrations related to it subject to necessary maintenance interventions on breakdowns related to the Internet network or malevolent acts beyond its control.

Consequently, the Website shall be free from any liability in the event of impossibility to access its website or pages of texts and illustrations related to it.

The Website cannot guarantee that the website is free from all computer viruses beyond its control.

10. In the event of force majeure

The Website shall be free from any liability for any failure to keep its contractual obligations in the event of a fortuitous or force majeure event including and not limited to wars, catastrophes, fires, internal or external strikes, internal or external failures or breakdowns and generally, any event that hinders the proper execution of orders.

11. Intellectual property

The duration of application for these general conditions of sale shall be unlimited except by modification or deletion by the Website.

Every reproduction or usage provided by laws on the protection of intellectual property shall be submitted for the Websites prior authorization.

Every non-authorized exploitation of all or part of the Web site's content and the rights to intellectual property could be subject to legal proceedings.

12. Duration

The duration of application for these general conditions of sale shall be unlimited except by modification or deletion by the Website.

13. Territoriality

These general conditions shall be subject to the laws of the country where the headquarters of the company exploiting the website is found.

14. Contact

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